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About Me

I grew up in Long Island, NY, hold a degree in physics, and have a professional background in welding.

In 2018 I purchased a TIG machine without a clear plan for its use. I decided to test out my new toy by working on the only scrap metal I had lying around - an old bike chain and an extra set of flatware destined for the local thrift shop. Although I made a few sculptures here and there for occasional gifts or requests, I put this hobby aside during some moves and explored more portable creative and artistic ventures including photography, drawing, modeling, and origami.

I returned to metal sculpture in January 2023 after clearing out some workspace in the garage. With five years of creative exploration informing my design decisions the greater impact of my artwork was immediately apparent. The overwhelming positive feedback and push from my followers made me decide to create a career out of it.

So, what does my process look like? I like to say there's a madness to my method.

Sometimes I sketch out designs and do extensive research before starting a new project. Other times, I vibe until it feels right or look like insane person miming out a pose while I make adjustments or rip apart pieces I fused together moments ago.

Whatever the idea may be, I put my heart into every piece I build and knowing my creations bring joy to my followers warms my soul.

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