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About TJ

TJ Savino, an innovative artist, specializes in open form metal sculptures, transforming everyday items like cutlery into expressive artworks. His journey into the art world is one of rediscovery and passion. As a child, TJ was constantly engaged in creative endeavors, from folding intricate origami models to constructing elaborate K'nex structures. His fascination with metalwork was kindled by shows which featured the unique creative processes involved in welding and metal manipulation. After years in unfulfilling desk jobs, TJ's creative spirit couldn't be contained any longer, leading him to trade school for welding and eventually to his true calling in art.

TJ's artistic style is defined by his use of found materials, particularly cutlery, to create sculptures that are open, simple yet profound. His works often feature flowing gestures and evoke a sense of movement and emotion. From animals and humanoid figures to abstract forms, TJ's sculptures are a blend of the unique and the familiar, with a particular fondness for capturing the essence of dance.

Notably, TJ's talent has led to collaborations with prestigious brands like Petrossian Caviar. His first project with them included a stunning Sturgeon sculpture for their flagship Manhattan boutique and a custom chandelier for their tasting table. His most recent commission involved creating a piece for Chef Patrick O'Connell of the Michelin 3-star "Inn at Little Washington." TJ's creations are also a regular feature in galleries across Long Island.

Currently, TJ is venturing into new realms, experimenting with different techniques and materials to create larger, more animated, and interactive sculptures. His vision for the future includes crafting dynamic pieces that engage viewers in new and unexpected ways.

For restaurants and hospitality spaces looking to infuse their environment with unique, conversation-starting art, TJ Savino offers a distinctive blend of creativity and craftsmanship. His sculptures not only enhance the aesthetic of a space but also tell a story, adding an extra layer of intrigue and engagement for guests.

Interested in discussing a custom sculpture or installation? Contact TJ at (631)921-3853 or to explore how his art can elevate your space.

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