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Sevruga (Starry) Sturgeon

Commissioned as a gift for the legendary Chef Patrick O'Connell and proudly displayed at his Michelin 3-star restaurant "Inn at Little Washington.



The tiger is my first larger sculpture. It's currently on display at Industry Gallery and Lounge in Huntington, NY.


Date Night

This piece was created as part of a panel talk for young artists in Brooklyn, NY. It was born from the destruction of an older piece. It's currently on display at "The Firefly Artists" in Northport, NY


Shoaling Chandelier

Displayed at the Petrossian Caviar Boutique in NYC, This custom spiral chandelier features overlapping monofilament threads which cause the shoal to "swim" as a single unit.


Ossetra Sturgeon

On display in the storefront of Petrossian's flagship caviar boutique in the Meatpacking District of Manhattan.


Rockem Sockem Costumes

Custom costumes built for a retro themed arcade in Richmond, VA. They are fully functional.

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